Spinfinity Man Slots

One of Betsoft’s latest releases became available at the very end of May and its name is Spinfinity Man Slots – an intriguing gambling online piece of entertainment, which mixes the developer’s trademark smooth and expertly crafted animation with an upgraded version of the regular slot gameplay. As the name suggests, Spinfinity Man is decorated with the colors of the superhero genre but with all the visual detail and complexity, which a devoted Betsoft fan can expect. The main screen transports the player to a city street, where a Superman-look-a-like is floating mid-air, dressed in his teal suit and orange cape.

Generously Rewarding Rules

The gameplay revolves around 7 reels and 6 rows, which allows for a far greater number of combinations than the one available in more common slot titles. To the right and the left of the reels are special meters, which will be boosting the gambler’s earnings. There is the Public Image one, which is obviously more tightly linked to the story of a superhero’s life (celebrity status, etc.) and it features various levels. Players can also make the best of the multiplier meter on the other side of the screen, which will also be increasing the size of the won prizes, when it comes down to the free spins bonus round of Spinfinity Man.

Stunning Gameplay Visuals

Since this is Betsoft, players can expect stunning animations even when nothing remarkable is happening the game, not to mention when winning combinations and special features are being activated. Keep in mind that while the reels operate in the same way they do in casual slot games, certain features will involve exploding symbols, such as the one affiliated with the story’s antagonist Mr. X and that will allow for new icons to fall down to fill the positions of the ones that were removed.

The Powerful Abilities of the Spinfinity Man

The constant coin size available is 10 cents and the coin number is 1. Furthermore, players can use up to 20 paylines to regulate the size of their bet. This game features a protagonist, which can easily become one of the most beloved online gambling characters in recent memory because of his numerous profitable abilities, each of which can be solely responsible for the delivery of a healthy prize. The paytable is big, diverse and its symbols feature many great combinations, offering satisfying prizes. Last but not least, gamblers can gain additional winnings through the Double Up game.

Count on the Spinfinity Man to save your day and shower you with overwhelming prizes – this is one superhero story you will love to revisit over and over because of Betsoft’s gorgeous designs and the undeniably attractive gameplay.