Safari Slots

An African safari adventure in all of its glory right here for you to behold is brought to you by the gaming software developers, Wager Gaming Technology (former Vegas Technology). Take a walk on the wild side where the animals are only too eager to make an appearance. The graphics bring out a slightly humorous side to a jungle expedition, each animal has their own unique facial expression and caricaturized features. The screen is colorful with rocks and stones all over the backdrop giving the whole slot a reel rustic feel to it. Here you will meet all the forest creatures and you will see sights that you will savor for a lifetime.

Use this bonus strategy for a climbing balance

The Safari Slots starts off with 5 reels and 20 paylines. Each payline zigzags across the screen ensuring that a symbol from each reel is included. The colorful, jagged stones down the sides of the slot show you where the paylines are. The point of all these paylines is that for each spin you have 20 shots at the jackpot so be wise and be sure to activate each one before you hit spin. Activating a line is a simple matter and needs only a coin down on each. The coin values can be set right down to 1c each and right up to $10 so from 20c, up to $200 and all the values in between you can spin to your heart's content.

The coin value not only affects your bet size but also affects the jackpot payout if you hit it. On the lowest coin size you will be looking at the top payout of only $100 while betting max will send you backpacking with $100,000 in your cooler box. If you are not here to wait for the jackpot to break under pressure then it is most certainly the bonus rounds that you are after. Besides being fun and interactive the bonus rounds are free opportunities to accumulate a hoard of cash.

Make the most of this strategy by betting the lowest coin size. It is only a matter of time before the trigger symbols reward your patience. After the bonus round evaluate your cash situation and start to slowly increase the value of the coin, bigger bets are awarded higher pays.

A collection of very hospitable jungle hosts

Your inner wild is released with the safari jeep, laden to capacity. This is the one symbol that stands in for all of the others except of course the scatters. Besides this the jeep is also the most valuable symbols because it is responsible for paying out the jackpot.

Your guide in the wild, the ranger, is the scatter symbol. Scatters pay no matter where they fall on the reels. They also have a neat way of paying. Instead of a fixed value they pay out a multiplication of your bet. Two on the screen at the same time will double your bet while 5, one on each reel, will pay you 1000 times your bet. Had you been betting max bet by this stage that is $200,000, double the jackpot amount at the same bet settings! Besides this the scatter also awards free spins when there are 3 or more on the screen, so in addition to your fantastic payout you get few rounds on the house.

Don't get caught without your camera and binocular set! This is your bonus symbol and you will need three all on the same payline to get you to the bonus round.

Choose your destination and spin for free

The bonus round is hosted by the leading giraffe. You find yourself in an African landscape and you are prompted by your gentle ringmaster to choose a spot. The spots have random prize values hidden beneath so choose wisely and carefully. Besides the breathtaking graphics this bonus is as simple as they get. The winnings from this round are multiplied by the amount of paylines that crosses through.

Complementary spins can be won when your human host, the ranger appears scattered on the reels. Three symbols will present you with 15 free spins set at your current bet. Perhaps the overall generosity of this slot has yet to surprise you when you realize that all payouts on these free games are doubled and more scatters means more free spins.

This is the life!

Follow the wild ways of the jungle animals who have a secret of wealth to share. Take the money and memories away with you after a jaunt in the jeep across African landscapes of pure majestic beauty. Playing this game will intrigue and delight you and tickle a part of your funny bone. Get entertained today right here and download the fun and magic of the African jungle.

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