Royal Caribbean Slots

Royal Caribbean Slots

Are you interested in a big jackpot that would be worthy of a king? You just might find it at the Royal Caribbean!

Elegantly Designed

This Classic slots game from Vegas Technology falls into that classification because of its single pay line and three reels. Vegas Technology is well-known for their games that move away from the more common slots games today that usually have five reels and double digit pay lines. But just because it's short on the pay lines and the reels doesn't mean that Royal Caribbean is short on payouts.

Just like most other Vegas Technology games, the Royal Caribbean slots game features a stunningly detailed backdrop of period fashion and architecture contrasting with the simplistically drawn symbols and icons. This allows you to focus less on the background and more on the spinning reels that might just give you a jackpot. The color scheme sticks to strong reds and blues paired with a muted gold, presumably to give a more regal feel to the whole thing.

Download and play Royal Caribbean Slots now and win something big, the jackpot that would be worthy of a king!

Payouts Fit for a King

The value of your coins can vary between $0.10 and $10, and you can bet with one to three coins at any time. Royal Caribbean uses a multiplier on its payout table so you get bigger payouts with bigger bets. Payouts are given when the right combination of symbols forms on the center pay line.

Three Dancing Jesters, three Horsemen or three Hands will multiply the number of coins you wagered by just 5, 10 and 20, respectively. The Traditional Kings and the Jesters pay out significantly more, respectively multiplying your wagered coins by 30 and 50.

However, just like in any court, it's the King that's the most sought after in Royal Caribbean slots. The King acts as a scatter symbol, giving you a few bonus coins when one or two appear on the pay line. When you get all three Kings, though, you're in for the big money. Winning with one coin gets you 400 coins while winning with two coins wins you back 1000. Win with three coins and you get yourself 1600 coins in return - enough for a royal feast, and then some.

Where to Play Royal Caribbean Slots

While it's true that the Royal Caribbean Slots game is a lot simpler than many other slot games out there, it certainly won't fail you in the payouts department. In fact, you just might find yourself having a lot more fun thinking less about all the extra features and more on your jackpot!

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