Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Men are heroes, knights in shining armor. They are breadwinners, gardeners and handy men. But soon enough it all gets too much and crisis hits. Maybe it is yet another series of physical changes, or the sight of their partner, who has changed and no longer looks like she did all those years back standing at the altar. Quite frankly, after all the time, it is quite understandable that this man wants his life back. So while he goes to the ends of the earth to find it, others watch on as he begins to make purchases larger and more extravagant than he has ever allowed himself. He parades around with his newest asset, the shiny red sports car, complete with a lovely lady or two. Real Time Gaming has some insights to share and with a progressive jackpot is giving you the chance to let your hair down and really play out all frustrations.

Where have you been all my life!

As a progressive there are a few very simple rules to abide by. Usually, to have the progressive paid out to you it is important to play the maximum bet. In this case because the coin size is fixed at 25c, it would mean playing 5 coins on each of the 9 paylines. The next step then is to decide if the $11.25 is an affordable bet. For most this is a steal. Although high rollers prefer to bet big it is simply because of the large payouts that such massive bets deliver. For a progressive prize that can accumulate to millions this bet should not be turned down by a single soul.

Activating each payline means that you are guaranteed to be paid for the wins on all lines. Playing the 5th coin means that should you line up the jackpot combination, you can be sure of receiving it. If you are not hunting down the jackpot then it is not necessary at all the play all lines. In fact, each and every coin bet pays out a win in direct proportion, so one could easily get away with playing only one coin.

Adventure at my age? O yes!

You want that red sports car so badly because 5 of these on the same payline will pay you the big pot. Even two cars on the same line will pay you more than 10 times your wager.

There is a collection of scatter symbols and when they appear together on the screen they pay out the scatter bonus. The balding man is getting ready for a night on the town and needs a wig and a gold medallion to wear on his chest. Have all three of these items on the reels at the same time, regardless of which payline they fall on and the scatter bonus of 350 credits is yours. What a deal!

The stuff that dreams are made of! Wads of cash to blow on whatever your heart desires. Take a trip on a yacht and find yourself bubbling away in a nice hot Jacuzzi. How about some new vehicles for the garage or an adrenalin rush holding onto the strings of a parachute! What would a mid-life crisis be without an attempt to regain ones youth with a toupee and pills to cover up the bald patch?

Leave it up to the lovely lasses to bring on the bonus round. The blond, brunette and redhead join forces as the bonus symbol. Their appearances are announced by the ever so seductive wolf whistle.

One man’s poison is another’s honey

Mid life crisis, is it inevitable? Or is it poison? Play the Pick Your Poison Bonus Round to find out! To get to play the game made especially attractive by the bonus prizes, all you need are the three lovely ladies, a blond, brunette and the redhead, to appear on the reels at the same time. Each symbol on the reels represents a poison. Here they are presented to you much the same as they are on the reels. Each time you click, it is replaced with a prize amount. Keep clicking until you get Uncle Sam and the game is over. If you are not into taking mid life risks, you can settle for Krazy Al’s Miracle Youth Tonic in exchange for a guaranteed mystery prize.

So you think you have seen it all before?

Follow the winding road and hit the country in style. This humorous slot is really enjoyable and easy to play. Do the most daring, drive the fastest you have ever driven and hang around with some of the loveliest women you have ever laid eyes on. All this is possible with an account and Mid Life Crisis slots.