New Changes for Customary Slot Machines

The traditional slot machine is once again being transformed as the first generation of joystick-controlled, arcade-themed gambling machines is being unveiled by manufacturers. Remember Atari’s game Centipede? Well, it is back and is making a hit in the casino industry. Slot machine manufacturers are planning to introduce many just like this in hopes of grabbing the attention of middle-aged gamblers who want another chance.

Centipede slot machine is just one of the many games for the new generation of gaming. You can play using touch screens and digital music. More significant, these games are not luck based but rather skill based. Centipede slot machine is developed by International Game Technology and players will shoot digital insects and receive money based on their skill.

Other manufacturers like WMS and Aristocrat are working on similar projects and Bally Technologies is working on Skee-Ball and Total Blast. The audience that played Atari and Nintendo when they were 15 is who is being targeted now. The jackpots for these games also promise to exceed generous and expected only to grow.