Flash Casinos

Flash casinos, and flash slots especially, are more popular now than ever before, and for good reason. They keep all of the advantages of the traditional downloaded online casino, but without the download. Flash programming has improved over the years, so a flash casino is no longer a pale imitation of the regular software; rather, flash casinos have grown the bells and whistles that make the online casino experience so much fun.

The Best US-friendly Flash Casinos

The shake-ups in US law regarding online gaming have made flash casinos a good option for American players. With online gaming in legal limbo in the States, many players are reluctant to download the regular software, and prefer playing on the no-download flash versions. In response, a number of big names in the online gambling world are making their flash casinos friendly to the US market.

Among the best US-friendly flash casinos are:

Each of these casinos has its own unique look and feel, but they all share two important aspects: they are all accessible to players in the United States, and they all offer Flash versions for players who don’t want to download the software package.

At each of these casinos, the flash version, which uses the standard Macromedia Flash player common to Windows PCs, is easy to find: just look for the large, "Instant Play" or "No Download" icon on the homepage. Each casino locates the icon near the main link to the download version; they want it to be easy to find, as it helps to make the casino portable.

The flash versions of the casinos are pretty good. They don’t always show as many "bells and whistles" as the download versions, but because you, the player, don’t have to install software on the PC to run them (virtually every PC these days has a flash player, and if it doesn’t, the web page will prompt you download one!), you can use the flash casino to play from any computer terminal.

Within the flash casinos, the features run the way you’re used to: you’ll get the same variety of games, the same access to banking and customer services features, and the same chances to win big.

After the similarities, these five casinos strive, successfully, to give their customers a unique experience. Just as you’ll see different themes and motifs in land-based casinos, so the online casinos all want to have their own "personality." Planet 7 and Slotastic Casino are similar; they are relatively small casinos, offering about 65 to 80 games, with slightly indolent themes. The games, while there are fewer of them, don’t lose anything in variety: you’ll be able to play table games like Craps, Blackjack, and Roulette; Video Poker; and, of course, the slots. They have an excellent section of "Specialty Games," most of which are unique; check them out, you won’t find anything like them anywhere else on the Web.

Aladdin Gold Casino pulls out the stops with a arab fairy tale-style look. The games are the best that modern online casinos can offer. A particularly nice feature of this casino is the game preview section on the website; you’ll be able to check out some of their offerings before you even open up an account, so you won’t have to waste any time deciding what to play. Just do a quick preview, and start riding those games!

Bovada Casino is just that: a super place for slots. Their collection of more than 100 games is based around a wide variety of slots, video slots, and progressive slots; more than enough slot machine action to satisfy anyone. The casino’s look is pretty no-nonsense; there’s no particular theme, but all of the information you need is readily available and easy to find. Bovada is a good place for a serious gamer.
All of these casinos currently accept deposits from US players; despite the UIGEA, they’ve opted to remain open to the American market. While most of the web-wallet financial options are not available to US players, Americans can use credit cards with online casinos, or, if the resource is available, establish an "offshore" bank account to use with the casino. You’re US address, however, will not bar you from any of these casinos. While the restrictions American players face are annoying, there is hope; legislation currently before Congress looks to overturn the UIGEA, as well as legalize and regulate online gaming. In the meantime, Planet 7 Flash Casino, Aladdin's Gold Flash Casino, and Slotastic Flash Casinoare all waiting for you!

Non-US Flash Casinos

The Use of the Adobe Flash Software

A great number of online casinos nowadays offer their members the ability to play their games through an online browser – otherwise known as the Instant Play option and in order for that to be possible a flash player has to be installed, updated or enabled. This will allow the Flash casino version of any site to start immediately and run without problems.

Activating Adobe Flash on Your Browser

The easiest to figure out if you are in possession of the latest version of Flash is to head over to the official website, head over to the Player Download Center and download it if you don’t have it. Afterwards, Flash can be enabled in a variety of ways – using the little lock icon, which will provide members with a shortcut to activating and de-activating the software is one way (for Google Chrome users). Flash is activated in different ways according to the browser that is being used.

Experiencing the Instant Play Option on PC and Mac

When Adobe Flash is being downloaded by the official site, players will be asked to choose their operating system in order to get the corresponding files. Downloading and installing the software on Windows and Mac require two different but relatively straightforward processes respectively. Players need to make sure that their chosen casino supports their operating system and then install the software in accordance to their browser and system.

Opening an Account at a Flash Casino

Sometimes, registering at a site can happen straight through the Instant Play button of the casino – players will then be redirected to the sign-up page. In certain online casinos, the Instant Play version can offer various advantages such as allowing unregistered members to try out the demo versions of the site’s games for free without having to sign up. Since the Instant Play option only requires a turned-on browser, signing up through it is the fastest way.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Flash Casino

The Instant Play option has its advantages over both the Download version of a site and the mobile one. What this version stands out with first and foremost is speed and comfort. One can perform all kinds of activities using an Internet browser and while they are enjoying the Instant Play version of a site, they can also be doing a number of other things – watching videos, reading a blog, etc.

Also, the Instant Play option is a comfortable option for all the online casino members, which prefer to relax at home and in front of their computer and laptop and access their favourite site with minimum effort. Among the disadvantages of Flash Casinos are naturally the lack of mobility – players can’t take their laptop and especially computer just about anywhere. Also, the Instant Play version of the site doesn’t always offer the full number of games that are available in the Download versions of some sites, which frequently offer the complete online casino experience.