Time Bender Slots

To Infinity, and Beyond! If you were around in the early 2000s, then you probably got interested in deep space exploration after the character Buzz Lightyear said these famous words. The mysteries of our vast, mostly empty playground certainly piqued the interest of many people, which is one of the reasons a space-themed slot like Time Bender is such a big hit among online casino gamers.It is, flat-out, one of software maker Arrow’s Edge best video slots to date.

With 5 reels and a breathtaking 40 paylines, you stand to have plenty of chances at winning a prize or wad of cash. Centered among the galaxies, stars and nebulae, Time Bender Slot is awash in the vibrant colors of exploding stars and irradiated gas. Somehow, all of these wonderful elements conspire to deliver Multipliers, Free spins, Wild symbols and more goodies to your speedily-traveling space ship, where you are the pilot known as GMan.

If you want to know more, be sure to take a peek at the in-game table that tells you what everything pays. The relevant reels are 2,3,4; these are the ones that tend to pay out as the right symbols pop up on those reels. There are retriggers, re-spins and multipliers in the game, and the right combination of these can land you in the potentially lucrative Rings of time Mini feature. As with most such slots, you need the Wild symbol to show up and substitute for whichever symbol is stopping you from completing a winning payline. If everything goes according to plan, then you have a real good shot at the jackpot - which is an impressive 800 times greater than the amount of money you bet on that particular spin. We think that’s a good day’s work if your luck holds out!

Play Arrow’s Edge’s Time Bender Slots today. Enjoy the graphics and mini-story of GMan navigating neutron stars and huge gravitational pulls at near light-speed to make his way to the riches of his heart’s desire. Download the casino software now.