RTG Asia’s team has come up with another gambling slot gem, which doesn’t just feature innovative gameplay but also marvellously rendered animation that is colourful, smooth and immersive at the same time. It is a unique fresh-out-of-the-box gambling experience that is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. The main screen features a cave with two extremely odd creatures on each side of the screen – Cube (a square shaped jolly sponge-like character) and Rocco – a hairy, blue monster with one eye and a massive club in its hand. There is a vortex at the centre of the screen – a gateway to another dimension, from which all kinds of alien enemies will be spawned bringing big prizes along with them. The game features playable symbols and bonus rounds but they work in a distinctively different manner as opposed to the one you might have come to expect from ordinary slots.

Wondrous Creatures of Various Shapes and Big Prizes

5 symbols can make an appearance on the main screen and provide healthy profits – the Spike is a square, yellow monster, Lucifer is a square blue monster with gilded ornaments, Casper is a green, rectangular creature and Bones is the most vicious-looking of them all – red and spiky. The Energy Ball has the most pleasant appearance and is the only symbol without a face. 3 symbols pay 0.5 credits, 4 symbols – 1 credit, 5 symbols – 3 credits, 6 symbols – 5 credits, 7 symbols – 15 credits and 8 symbols – 40 credits.

Travel from Era to Era and Reap the Benefits

The portal in the middle of the screen will be producing 3 types of symbols - enemies, weapons and Energy Balls. Cubee begins every single round with a Strength level of 1. Whenever an Energy Ball emerges from the vortex, Cubee’s Strength level will be increased by 1. When Weapon symbols appear, Rocco’s health will decrease. Every time Rocco is defeated, a new, later era will begin. The higher the Strength level of Cubee is, the tougher opponents he gets to beat.

The era of Piracy can award free spins when cannons appear from the portal and multipliers are awarded during the Viking Age when the bow and the arrow show up. When Cube reaches the so-called Cubeland, free games with multipliers can be enjoyed. In Cubeland, no weapons will be appearing, meaning that the chances for higher paying winning combinations are also rising. The Speed of the Vortex can also be adjusted – it can be doubled or tripled.

Cubee Slots offers RTG’s fans brand new rules, exciting prizes and a beautifully depicted fantasy world, which rewards their pockets and senses in equal measure.