Microgaming to debut blackjack to xBox consoles

We live in a technological age, filled with new gadgets, computers, consoles, and tons more – personally, I love it, and can’t really imagine anything different, anything more archaic per se. For instance, having online casinos nowadays is one of the greatest innovations in terms of convenience for our entertainment. No longer do we have to go out, spend time, money on travel, mingle with the smoker or annoyance company of a total stranger to your side, just cause we want to play a little video slots, blackjack, craps, roulette or the likes at the casino. No longer do we have to avoid privacy, security, and comfort.

That is right, now we can enjoy all of the casino’s entertainment, prizes, and thrill from the comfort of your own home, playing online casino from your computer, or even your mobile device.

That said, there does come the day and/or time when you are tired of sitting in front of your computer, after all, if you are at a desk, then that is definitely no sofa quality; laid-back and relaxed. If you have your laptop on you, it gets hot and tiring on your lap; and a mobile device gets to you pretty quick too, obviously due to the small screen and or controls.

The Launch

At those times, there is nothing better than to chill at your sofa, in-front of your TV-set, and play some xBox for instance. Obviously, it would be amazing to have the thrill of an online casino still, and Microgaming, a reputable gaming software company, thankfully has thought that for you too, launching their free-play ‘Bronzebeard Blackjack’ game for your xBox console on March 2013.

The Bronzebeard Blackjack is a great way to further learn the game of blackjack, and improve your skills before putting down some money for real. It is a 3D Strategy coaching mobile app for your xBox as well as for Microsoft Windows 8.0 and Windows Phone 7.0.

The game was recently show-cased in Barcelona, in the GSMA Mobile World Congress, where Microgaming demonstrated how the Bronzebeard, the blackjack master captain, would walk the players through an exciting and educational coaching game and trip (each level being formed from an imaginary world), with over 60 animations in 3D, four levels of games, and a vast amount of special prizes and treasures. The game is available for free download as a mobile app within the Microsoft Windows mobile online app shop as well as via xBox Live, where once you activate the blackjack coaching game, you will not need to be connected any further.

Try out the Bronzebeard Blackjack game, and improve your blackjack skill for your next trip to your online casino, for some actual prizes!