Liberty-themed Slots

Whether you want to know about the first 3 reel slot machine ever invented, would like to find out about a classic game called Liberty Slots, or need information on the incredible 30-line graphic delight that is Grand Liberty Slots, you've come to the right place. No matter how you look at it, the theme of Liberty is a timeless favorite among the creators of slot machine games.

3 Liberty Slots Games, 3 Distinct Styles

Let's take a look at the 3 different Liberty Slots games mentioned above. We'll start with the most current and work our way back to the original 3-reel slot machine.
  • Grand Liberty Slots: A product of Proprietary Software, the Grand Liberty Slots game offers players the chance to wager on up to 30 paylines and enjoy incredible bonuses that could result in huge cash prizes. Spin 5 reels featuring icons like the Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, Gold and White Stars, Wild West images, and other patriotic symbols. 3 or more scattered Gold Stars will score the players a series of 15 "Pick Me!" cards; choose carefully, because instant prizes are awarded until the player hits a "Collect" card, which ends the game. Free spins, and expanding wild, and other exciting features await any player ready to try Grand Liberty Slots.

  • Liberty Slots: An entertaining classic, the Liberty Slots game allows players to wager on a single payline while spinning 3 reels. Players can wager a maximum of 3 coins per spin, and select a coin size that could range anywhere from $0.01 to $5.00. Even though this traditional-style slot doesn't offer the bells and whistles of today's video slot machine games, it does offer a maximum wager of $15 per spin, a jackpot of 5000 coins, and a secondary jackpot of 2000 coins. Unfortunately, the Liberty Slots game is currently unavailable, but classic online casino gamblers have several other options. For example, if you think you might like a game like Liberty Slots, check out 7's and Stripes at Silver Oak Casino.

  • Liberty Bell Slots: The original 3-reel slot machine was designed by a Californian named Charles Fay in 1895. The symbols on the reels depicted diamonds, spades, hearts, horseshoes, and the Liberty Bell. The game was aptly named; the Liberty Bell symbol signaled the biggest win on the machine! For the first time ever, a gaming machine was offering cash as prizes instead of the gum or cigarette prizes offered from the poker machines. This phenomenon quickly attracted the attention of gamblers, which eventually led to Fay's invention being outlawed throughout California and Nevada. Fey continued to produce games, and eventually the ban on slot machines was lifted. Charles Fay lived long enough to see slot machines become a major feature of the up-and-coming Vegas casinos.

Slot Machine Gaming is Tradition

Spinning the reels on a slots game is like reaching out a placing your hand on a piece of history. Since 1895, people have been placing a wager, spinning the reels, and holding their breath for the outcome. The next time you feel like engaging in a longstanding entertainment tradition, head to a to land-based casino to physically play a slot machine, or simply hop online and enjoy some of the hot new slots. Whatever method you choose, you'll realize that there is nothing quite like a slots game.