7’s and Stripes Slots

7’s and Stripes is one of the most favorite new Bovada slots machines. Although it is a classic type of slots which is a far cry from the It is powered by Real Time Gaming or RTG and is available in both play for fun and play for money versions.

7’s and Stripes Slots Game Introduction

7’s and Stripes is an RTG traditional 3-reel slot. However, unlike other classic slots, 7’s and Stripes gives a huge payout. The game accepts maximum of three coins. You can play the game by placing in various denominations - $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1 and $5. Most RTG casinos offering 7’s and Stripes offer the game with these denominations.

7’s and Stripes has progressive jackpot but it does not have Wild Symbols or Multipliers. You could win the progressive jackpot if you place a maximum wager of three coins and you get the jackpot’s winning combination. If, for instance, you get three red symbols on the reels, you win a jackpot prize. However, you only win the maximum payout if you get one Red 7, one white 7 and one blue 7 symbols on the reels.

Playing 7’s and Stripes

You cannot play 7’s and Stripes Slots without machine credits. Of course, you would know this if you’re not new to online gaming. NewBovadaCasino has the In-Game Cashier feature that allows you to transfer money in and out of your casino account easily. There are casinos that would allow you to setup a maintaining balance so you’d have to avoid adding or purchasing credit every time you initiate a new game. When playing this game, you would have to add credits first; and only after you’re done with adding credits can you place your bet and start the game.

Some Important Things to know before to start

There are two things that you have to carefully consider before you start placing your bet. First off, you need to know what coin denomination to use. Secondly, you need to determine how many coins to place as your bet.

Once you’ve determined this, you can then place your bet by pressing Bet One or Play 3 Credits depending on the number of coins you want to wage. Then you can press Spin to start the game.

There are other buttons available on the machine. This include the Cash Out button where you’d get to see your credits and winnings; and the Pay Table button where you’d get to check winning combinations and their respective payouts. You need not have any reason why you shouldn’t understand the slot and win.

Where to find 7’s and Stripes Slot

So if you’re looking for a classic slot with huge payouts, you should definitely check out 7’s and Stripes at one of the bests online casino brands: Bovada Casino. Ready to play and don't want to download casino software, Bodog Flash casino is a place for you.