Fruit Frenzy Slots

Fruit Frenzy Slots
When bananas, orange, pears and strawberries do more than just tasty fruit salad, yogurt and fruit shakes you must be seeing something special, especially when you are seeing them on reels instead of baskets. Rolling with unstoppable frenzy, these fruit is sure to give you great time greater surprises. If that is not enough, perhaps dear old pineapple could give you the entire farm itself.

Reason to Play Fruit Frenzy Slots

The rolling fruits are enough reasons for fruitarians to enjoy their time playing Fruit Frenzy. If you’re not much of a fruit fanatic, you can still enjoy the cool graphics, sounds and interface that could make your gaming experience a worthwhile one. Whether you are a serious player, or someone who just want to have something to do on a boring Sunday morning, Fruit Frenzy is just the right game for you. Play Fruit Frenzy Slots now and you’ll be one step ahead to one delicious adventure.

The Wild Card

Mister Pineapple is your wild card in Fruit Frenzy. Use him as a substitute for other icons except all Frenzy and Fruit logos.

The Fruity Feature

Apart from the usual scatter and wild card bonuses, there are other game features that would certainly hook you up before you know it. Catch any icon in a five-of-a-kind combination and you will activate the bonus game feature. Get three chances to shoot the daredevil strawberry into the watermelon pool and the number of points you accumulate after the trials have expired determines the number of free games you are entitled to receive.

The Progressive Jackpot

Watch out for falling fruits! You might just win the Random Progressive jackpot that is ticking above the reels. Always keep an eye on the dials because no matter where or what time you play, or what denomination you are using, you never know when that random jackpot will drop to your hands.

The Buttons

The buttons are few and simple to use. With just four buttons, you can never go wrong with this baby. Help buttons give you the combination you want to have, the rules you should follow and the bonus round you should remember. Nest, Line buttons allows payer to choose the payline you would want to put money on, while the Bet button determines the amount of money you want to put on a certain line or game. And lastly, the Auto Play button allows you to continue with the gain if you want to step away from the computer for a cup of coffee.