California Gold Slots

California Gold Slots has a rather interesting theme, as it takes the gamer back to the 1840s and 1850s, the days of the California Gold Rush. Historians say that these days could be dangerous, as the laws of today were not in place. Gold miners had to be brave souls, as murders were quite common when mining claims were contested. You can relive these days of excitement and mayhem when you play California Gold Slots.

Win Big With California Gold Slots

This colorful game is a five reel, 25-payline treat from Wager Gaming Technology (former Vegas Technology) Software. California Gold is the perfect slot for the casual gamer as well as the high roller, for it has a coin size from $0.01 up to a maximum bet of $10.00 per line for a big $250.00 spin each time.

All the Necessities of Mining in Icon Form

Players will enjoy the detailed reel icons, which depict the Gold Rush days beautifully. There are kerosene lamps, timeworn maps, sieves, rail carts, the entrance to a mine, pickaxes, donkeys, barrels, dynamite sticks, gold nuggets, and rail carts filled with gold nuggets. For the game’s Wild Symbol, players will see a gap-toothed miner, thrilled with the gold he has discovered. He’ll appear on reels two, three, and four, and will substitute for any of the other symbols except for the scatters, and these are gold nuggets.

Free Spins Can Equal Lots of Gold Nuggets

Players love the fact that anytime you win where the miner has been substituted for one of the other reel icons, your win is doubled. This allows players to rack up big wins quickly when the reels line up just so. If you get three or more gold nuggets, you are awarded ten free games, and any prize you win during those games will be tripled. What’s more, this feature can be retriggered while the free spins are going on, which can mean even more wins for the serious gamer.

You’ve Struck Gold – The Bonus Round!

The bonus round can also be triggered while the free spins are going on if the rugged old miner appears on reels two, three and four at the same time. It is an especially cute and fun bonus round, where you must choose one of four mines for the miner to enter. He will grab up to five gold nuggets while he is inside. All of the nuggets are of different weights, and the total amount they weigh in ounces is what you will win in the bonus round. In addition, when you win, the game yells “Yahoo!”

Why Not Play California Gold Slots Today?

You can play California Gold slots at several online casinos that welcome American players. Try out LibertySlots Casino and LibertySlots Flash Casino for a chance to experience the Gold Rush days in the comfort and privacy of your home.