Bodog Responsible Gaming


Bodog Casino
Bogod Casino is a nice place to meet people, play some games and have a good time even without leaving your own bedroom. With so many players online, so many games to choose from, and the inviting and friendly atmosphere the casino portrays, there’s always the possibility for abuse. While casinos land-based and online are there primarily for entertainment, many people fell trapped by the lights, the sounds and the splendor of the casino games. Bodog, like many responsible casinos, are aware of that fact, and Bodog acts along with the player to make sure that playing casino games with Bodog doesn’t ruin the lives and families of people who initially there to enjoy.

Bodog Cares

Bodog Casino makes sure that all players are protected by making sure that no underage gambling takes place in the casino. Bodog have ways and means to verify the age of the players in their casino as well those who are signing up into their services. To be able to play and enjoy all the services Bodog Casino offers, the prospective player must be over 18 years of age. Bodog has recently installed an In-Game Cashier feature that would allow you to easily move your fund or cash in and out of your eCash account with a click of a button. Bodog also believes in the concept of a good, clean entertainment, meaning providing entertainment without negatively affecting the lives of people offline. Bodog has established a self-exclusion service program for players who feel that gambling is taking so much other people’s lives away and wants to make sure this form of entertainment doesn’t develop into a big problem. Moreover, Bodog customer service also allows permanent or temporary de-activation of Bodog accounts by contacting their customer service.

Protect Yourself

Apart from the internal system to prevent casino addiction, Bogod Casino offers links to groups and organizations that help people from all over the world fight their addiction to casino gambling. Bodog also espouses the use of resources NetNanny to prevent underage access to gambling system.

Ultimately, however, the online players have the last say in deciding their own fates. While casinos like Bodog Casino can help players in preventing and reverting casino addiction and mitigate its negative effects on the player’s lives, it is the player’s initiative in deciding on what to do when they feel that they are being adversely affected by this form of entertainment. Gambling is not a bad thing; addiction is. If you think you can’t play within your own limits and you’re beginning to develop an insatiable desire to the games, it would be best to stop playing for a while. Don’t wait until you wager the most precious things you have: your life, your dignity and your family.