Slots Galore Promotions

Slots Galore Casino was closed this month. But you can get even better promotions at our recommended online casinos. Just check out our casino reviews and download for the best promotions online today!

Slots Galore Promotions Mean Money from A - Z

Nowadays, each online casino offers its own versions and variations of the same basic types of promotions. Of course there is the sign up bonus, aka, welcome bonus. There are regular "re-load" bonuses for deposits. There are some bonuses that although are not actual money are valuable in other ways. In other words, there is basically an infinite amount of promotional combinations any online casino could possibly offer. It's best to try to find a casino that offers the most holistic approach to promotions; not one that throws a ton of money at you at the beginning and then forgets that you even exist later. Slots Galore Casino provides generous bonuses from the very beginning and consistently throughout the entire lifetime of their players, which considering the benefits of playing there, could be a long time.

The Early Bird Special is not just for Senior Citizens Anymore

  1. Slots Galore offers what they've dubbed the Early Bird Special. This means if you register by a certain cut off date each month, you are eligible for a cool $25 in casino chips, just for coming.

  2. Next in line is 200% up to $500 sign up bonus on your first deposit.

  3. Almost immediately upon becoming a Slots Galore player and making your first deposit you can register for their VIP Plan, where everyone is eligible.

  4. This multi-tiered program earns you points for all your play which you can redeem for cash, clothing, electronics, and sweepstakes entries for huge prizes like a "Day at the Spa" or big screen TV.
  5. When you register for the plan you are automatically entered in their $10,000 Sweepstakes.

  6. Also, just by registering for an account you are entered into their $25,000 Slots tournament for the ride of your life.

Slots Galore Gives and Gives and Gives Some More

There is no question that Slots Galore's Early Bird Special offers a lot of value from the very beginning, but you want a casino that will keep going the extra mile with their promotions. That's where their 25% Re-Load Bonus comes in. As a Slots Galore player you receive 25% back on every single deposit you make at the casino. This is a tremendous add on, and one that you can count on every single time. This is a serious consideration when calculating out your budget and deciding which casino is best for you. 25% back on every deposit will stretch your bankroll out quite a bit. So download Slots Galore casino today for the best value online.