Match 5 Slots

Match 5 Slots is closed today. But you can find here other 5-reel online slots that offer awesome entertainment:

The Match 5 Slots game is not only easy to use, but provides online gamblers with the chance to enjoy the ultimate casino gaming experience! The graphics will certainly please those who like classic casino icons, and the game offers excellent sound while the reels spin and the players win! If you think that you would enjoy this amazing casino themed slot machine that provides 5 reels and 42 pay lines of incredible entertainment, play Match 5 Slots today at your favorite online casino!

How to Play Match 5 Slots

Online casino gamers are going to be thrilled with how simple it is to play the Match 5 Slots game. You'll have the opportunity to select your coin size as well as the number of pay lines that you wish to play. For those looking for a simple strategy to maximize their chances of winning, remember this: Play all 42 pay lines! Players who have selected all of the pay lines have a much better chance of lining up the correct symbols to trigger big wins! If you're an online gambler that has ever enjoyed games like Cool Bananas Slots, Frenzy Fruits Slots, Hillbilly Slots, Mayan Slots, or Mermaid Magic Slots, then you'll surely love the Match 5 Slots game!

Gorgeous Symbols Await Match 5 Players

Any slot machine game is made or broken by the quality of the graphics on the reels; in the case of the Match 5 Slots game, the icons are a definite win! Players will see 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A, in addition to the symbols that depict a Pair of Aces, a Black Jack Logo, a red Heart, and a Black Spade.

One of the most important symbols on the screen is the Wild Symbol; this symbol is a Joker, the player can use him to help create winning combinations. 2, 3, 4, or 5 of these also will provide a nice payout!

The Scatter Symbol is depicted by a Royal Flush Banner icon, and 2, 3, 4, or 5 of these anywhere on the reels will pay the player! Those who have played any of the slots games available at Crazy Slots Casino or Super Slots Casino will be thrilled to spin the reels in the Match 5 Slots game.

More Information about Match 5

While the Match 5 Slots game doesn't offer a lot of frills, the beauty of the game is in its simplicity. All that an online casino gamer has to do to get started is to decide whether they want to play for fun or play for cash, and then select coins sizes and pay lines; it's easy. Start spinning the reels in the Match 5 Slots game today for a chance at incredible entertainment and a chance at huge winnings.

Play Match 5 Slots Today!

If you're ready to experience one of the coolest slot machine games available on the web, then Match 5 Slots is the perfect game for you! In addition to great prizes, players will enjoy a wonderful casino theme and incredible graphics. You'll also love the fact that Match 5 is a 42 pay line slot; this means more than twice the available lines to wager on than the traditional 20 line slot machine.

Take a chance and try a spin of the reels in Match 5 for fun, and they play for a chance to win huge cash prizes. Just remember that you have to wager and spin to win! Head to your favorite online casino to enjoy the thrilling Match 5 Slots game; you'll be glad that you did!