Jackpot Deuces

This one is a bit different because it is an online video poker game and deuces are wild. That is not all! It is also a progressive jackpot! Five coins plus a Diamond Royal Flush will win you the big progressive jackpot. This one is a great mix of online video poker and slots where you are looking for winning poker hands. Jackpot Deuces uses a standard 52-card deck. This unique game is possible compliments of Microgaming. There are more than 120 Microgaming systems casinos that contribute to the growing progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot will only pay out when the game is played with the maximum wager. This is a single hand game with a five coin max wager. Recently, Jackpot Deuces paid one winner a handsome jackpot of more than $30,000.

A Little More About the Game

In Jackpot Deuces the deuces are wild and can be substituted for any other cards to make more winning combinations. There are four deuces available in this game. The screen will never consist of more than five large cards at a time. The lowest hand that is acceptable for a win in this game to pay out a prize is three of a kind. Ideally, you want to get the very best hand using five cards. The catch is that you do not get to choose the cards that you will discard as the game will make that decision for you. Deuces are automatically held in the hand. You do have the option to change what the software decides on. Cards are dealt to you one at a time and they are dealt face up.

What’s at Stake

If you play only one coin and get a Diamond Royal Flush you win just 300 coins, playing two coins gets you 600 coins, three gets you 900 coins, four gets you 1,200 coins and five you win the progressive jackpot. The second highest hand is a Natural Royal Flush and one coin gets you 300 coins, two gets you 600 coins, three gets you 900 coins, four gets you 1,200 coins, and five wins you a 4,000 coin jackpot.

This game is very unique and one of a kind. By far is it your typical slot game but instead is a nice mix of poker and slots games. Be sure to put this slot game on top of your list of things to do.