High Speed Poker

Images of poker as a slow-paced game played by silent men in smoky rooms – that’s history! The explosion of popularity in the past few years has taken the classic game from the backrooms to the bright lights. This growth has also made poker one of the most popular online activities. But there’s more! Now there’s high speed poker.

The game has taken another step forward and a quick step at that. Micrograming, a leader in gaming software for years, has placed High Speed Poker with several quality online casinos. The company has a Gold Series of casino table games that now boasts more than 70 distinct gaming challenges.

Fast Action

High Speed Poker is the latest on this long list of exciting Web-based games. Excellent graphics and other improvements to the poker theme should make this game a fan favorite. Players will be battling against the “house” or dealer. In addition to the basics of poker within the game, this new version provides bonuses for players who have a high-quality hand such as three-of-a-kind, straight flush or straight.

But why is it “high speed?” Because an individual may play as many as five hands at one time. The pace picks up quite a bit when one person is making decisions for multiple hands. The benefits are more play and more winning possibilities. While some of the more traditional poker players will stick with the single hand and slower pace of classic poker, there will be plenty of experienced players willing to try their hand at the high-speed game.

How to Play

Start your play by visiting Betway Casino or another great site that offers Microgaming’s High Speed Poker. Be prepared to make an Ante Bet and a Play Bet, along with a Bonus Bet. Winning this last option requires three-of-a-kind or a three-card flush, for example. The Poker Bonus mentioned earlier is available to players who get that three-of-a-kind, straight flush or straight hand.

Why not get a new poker experience and a fantastic welcome bonus at the same time? Spin Palace Casino is currently offering a $1,000 bonus plan for new accounts. In addition, you can enjoy High Speed Poker at the Flash casino before you decide to go with the download version. Don’t let the name or the idea of a challenge keep you from enjoying this new and exciting game. It’s not high-speed chess. It’s still poker!