Gambling Tips

  1. Play within the constraints of your budget – The most gambling fun may be had when you play within the constraints of your budget. It may be tempting to go for the gigantic payoff, but not at the expense of being unable to pay your mortgage.
  2. Read online game reviews – Most of the best online games have good quality evaluations available through a variety of sites. Read the reviews of specific games to gain some insights into how the game works.
  3. Understand the games you are playing – To be frank, there is no real strategy in playing slot games, other than managing your stake wisely. When playing more complex games like Red Dog or Pai Gow Poker, take the time to learn the rules and how to play.
  4. Play for real money! – After you understand the game, start playing for money. Unlike their brick-and-mortar counterparts, online casinos offer limitless low-stakes games, and the games are much more fun when there is even a little bet on them.
  5. Assume that the dealer’s down card is a 10, double down on 11, stand on 20, split all other pairs. Also, insurance is a sucker bet.
  6. Choose the casino that is the most comfortable for you – Online casinos cultivate completely different environments appealing to different players. The same games appear many places, so choose the casino that offers the ambiance that you like the best.
  7. Use online support – The top casinos all have great online support so don’t be shy to use it. They can answer questions about games, about your account and any function of the casino site. Live chat is a favorite way to contact them now, but they also offer toll free telephone numbers and email options.
  8. Take a break every so often – When you get focused on a great game you can lose track of time. Take the time to flex your arms and legs. Get a fresh beverage or take a walk around the block. Any physical movement will make your gaming time all the more pleasurable and will help avoid repetitive motion damage to your wrists and arms.
  9. Know your casinos – Take the time to check their credentials for fairness. Read about them. Check sites like this one for reviews and for ratings and stick to Top Casinos. The top rated online casinos are very open about their certifications and they offer fair play and powerful protection for your identity and your money. Don’t gamble on a second-string casino!
  10. Gambling is fun – When you are no longer having fun with the games you are playing, stop. Tunnel vision is normal when you get focused on a game, but it can also lead to compulsive playing when you no longer really want to. As mentioned before, take the time to get up and away from the computer every so often. Stretch and get a bite to eat. If you find that your gambling sessions are running too long, set a timer for yourself and make yourself stop.

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