CTXM is a name that you may not be familiar with as it is not an actual casino but rather the important company behind casinos. Just as every successful man has a good woman behind him so does every successful casino have a good support company behind it and in this case it is CTXM.

The Name Behind Successful Casinos

CTXM is a well established company based in Latvia that provides products and support solutions for the online gaming industry. It is best known for its iphone games that have been created for real money gaming on the iphone. In addition it manages its own casino, X casino together with some very innovative turnkey solutions for online gaming that include 3d colorful slots that it is best known for. CTXM provides an efficient and practical service for any casino with back up support that includes 24 hour online support through live chat. CTXM are also able to create custom made games for customers who prefer to be unique.

Colorful and Animated Slots

Pirate Slots

Amongst the wide range of games that you can find under the CTXM brand, there are some incredible slots with fantastic colorful graphics and unique ideas and symbols. Pirate slots is a colorful 3 reel 1 payline slots game that is staged on a stunning blue ocean with pirate ships anchored in the background behind the golden sands. Although it only offers bets of on or two coins there are still plenty of chances to win with the paytable being detailed on the main screen together with the reels. The biggest jackpot is achieved when 3 pirates land on the payline and if you have placed a 2 coin bet then you stand to win 2000 x your bet placed. For such a simple game this is a large and inviting jackpot to be aiming for. When playing Pirate slots you can also choose the auto spin feature which sets the reels spinning for a number of spins that you determine or until you reach a certain jackpot. This is a great added feature and appears in most of the CTXM slots games.

Olympic Slots With Auto Spin Feature

Olympic slots also offers the autospin feature but more than that it 9 paylines across 5 reels. All of the symbols are brightly colored and depict items from Olympic Games: including baseball. Soccer, football, tennis, golf and even hockey. In this 5 reel video slot there is also a scatter symbol, a wild symbol and even a bonus symbol that leads to a bonus game. The scatter symbol is a silver cup and when four or more of these land anywhere on your screen you are awarded free spins. Four scatters give you three free spins whereas 5 scatters give you 30 free spins! I know how many I would aim for!

Olympic Slots Bonus Features

When playing Olympic slots you will also notice the silver medal which in this case is the wild symbol and even has the word wild on it. This wild can substitute for any other symbol apart from he scatter and bonus symbol in order to make up winning lines. The extras don’t stop at the scatter or wild when playing Olympic slots, there is also a bonus symbol which in this case is a gold cup. With three or more gold cups randomly scattered on your screen you are taken to a new screen where the bonus game takes place. Here you are offered a game of Olympic fishing where you get to choose your location: swamp, pond, lake, sea or river, you choose your tackle: maggot, worm, larva, spoon or baited hook and then you choose which rod you want to use. Finally you are taken to your location on a separate screen where you get to fish and depending on what you catch, will depend on how big your bonus is. In terms of programming the bonus game is fantastic with its different interactive choices and opportunities.

Party Nights for Party Animals

Party Night slots is another programming wonder this time it has 20 paylines across 5 reels. Party Night slots is a game of fun, stunning women in cocktail dresses with mouth watering cocktails populate the reels. A glittering globe acts as the scatter symbol and when you land 3 of these anywhere on your reels you are awarded 3 free spins, four of these will give you 5 free spins and 5 glittering globes give you 10 free spins. The wild symbol is exactly that, a silver glittery wild word and apart from acting as a substitute and making up winning lines, when it appears on reels 2 or 4, it will change the full reel into one big wild symbol giving you even more chances to land winning lines. Naturally with such a colorful and well programmed slots game, there is also a bonus game. The bonus girl occasionally appears on your reels and when she does, you need to collect three of her at one time to access the bonus game. The bonus game takes place on a new screen where you get to choose between 4 stunning party girls. The girl you choose will reveal your prize and then you are taken back to the main screen to continue the game. Even the instruction tabs in this game look like colorful cocktails and entice you to play more. Party Girl together will all of the slots offered by CTXM are advanced games with fantastic graphics and great winning opportunities.