Human beings have wagered and bet for centuries. Throughout most of that time this activity took place face to face, in a variety of places. Dozens of different objects have been used to place bets and pay winners. What Betware has done is combine new technology and computer software with the centuries-old activity of gaming.

As described on its Web site, Betware is a “gaming solution and services vendor.” But that sounds a bit technical and still leaves some doubt as to what the company provides. An extended definition might help: “turn-key solution, gaming platform and a large portfolio of games.”

What They Need

Betware has been providing solutions for lotteries and gaming for 14 years. This experience in a booming industry was a key factor in the decision by Microgaming to work with Betware to sell “market-leading casino games on top of its existing platform, to state lotteries.”

Microgaming is recognized as the world’s leading provider of online-gaming software and is credited with developing the first dedicated casino software more than 10 years ago. Under the agreement, Betware will “supplement its impressive suite of lotto, instants, sports betting, bingo, racing, skill, casual and multi-player games” with dozens of top-shelf games from Microgaming.

Betware: Who, Where?

The company is based in Iceland, which may seem an unlikely location for an industry leading organization. But the idea of “place” isn’t nearly as crucial to business success as it was in the past. Technology has allowed individuals and companies anywhere on the planet to remain in contact with businesses around the globe. Betware has regional offices in several other nations and continues to grow.

Established in 1996, the company expanded its portfolio in 2006 with the purchase of a Danish game developer. It is a member of several world-class lottery associations and brings a history of gaming experience to the table, along with an extensive network of lottery activity.

On the Menu

Betware’s menu of services includes: an interactive gaming platform; control center; call center; data center network design; advanced responsible gaming module; instant game server; OLAP solution; probability game server, channels and devices; games; services and consulting.

Information from Betware states that the company focuses on security, with quality encryption; scalability that allows its systems to grow with expanding companies in the gaming industry; flexibility that is adaptable to various languages, gaming traditions and appearance requirements; performance the meets the high standards of gaming-industry companies.