Cubits is an ever-growing in popularity Bitcoin-trading tool that is being used by more and more online gamblers as a payment method in online casinos. Through it, users can buy and sell Bitcoins instantly and at any given time through an easy and simple process.

The Accomplishments of the Service

Cubits is relying on German efficiency to provide its users with the highest level of service. Gamblers’ transactions and identity remain secure through the latest data safety technology. 1000 Wallets (accounts) a week are created, the monthly growth of the Bitcoin volume through Cubits is 250 000 euro and the monthly Bitcoin transaction growth is 45 percent.

Starting Off with Cubits is Easy

Firstly, players need to create an account on the official Cubits website –, which will lead to the acquisition of their very own Cubits wallet. Secondly, they need to verify their ID. And thirdly, Bitcoins should be purchased and stored in the wallet. Cubits allows players from many countries to buy Bitcoins and supports 20 currencies, including EUR, USD, AUD and GBP.

It offers a variety of payment methods – Visa, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort and Dotplay and a couple of transfer options – Swift and Sepa. Cubits can be accessed and managed just as easily through a mobile device. The interface is very convenient to navigate through and fits a smaller screen well. Buying Bitcoin is easy – the amount and the chosen currency need to be selected. Then, a payment method has to be chosen and at that point, Bitcoins can be easily transferred to the wallet.


Cubits does have several disadvantages, apart from the fact that its service is not available to players from everywhere around the globe, including the US. There is a 150-euro transfer limits (buying and selling) per every day for every player, whose country is not on the list. In order for these limits to be lifted, phone message and document verification has to be completed.

Other details surrounding payment options like fees and processing times differ according to the player’s country – some of them are definitely less comfortable than others. Also, Bitcoin might the most famous cryptocurrency but it is the only one, which can be converted using Cubits.

At the end of the day, Cubits is a highly efficient, fast and reliable way of trading with Bitcoin and is definitely worthwhile for all players who are from a country, in which the service is available.