AstroPay Card

Astropay Card can be used for making withdrawals and deposits in numerous sites. This payment option is accepted in hundreds of online casinos and its exceptional qualities make it a wonderful choice for a banking method. It is compatible with many currencies, including euros, dollars and pounds. Astropay Card also has a downloadable mobile application, which can be used on a smartphone.

The Great Uses of Astropay

Astropay offers a 100 percent guaranteed safety – your money and identity are fully protected. This payment method is popular for the instant processing times when it comes down to both depositing and withdrawing and the confirmation of the transaction arrives without any delays whatsoever. Additionally, the limits of Astropay regarding the size of the withdrawals and the deposits are extremely comfortable. Confidentiality is also a big plus with this method – personal or financial information can remain hidden. International bank transfers are free and there are no hidden fees that can take you by surprise.

Starting with Astropay is Fast and Easy

The process of getting your very own Astropay Card is very simple. Firstly, register at the official website or through the mobile application. Then users will need to select the value and the currency of their personal Card. The regulatory payment will then need to be made in the local currency. An email will be sent with the necessary information and the user will be all set. Afterwards, he or she will need to go to the website where the deposit will have to be made, go to the cashier section and pick Astropay Card as the preferred method. The necessary information will then need to be provided, including card number, security code, expiration, amount and currency. Once you receive the confirmation of the payment, the process will be completed.

The Official Site and the Many Others That Accept it as a Payment Method

The official site offers visitors the chance to register for free and the site is available in multiple languages – Portuguese, English, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese and others. The account settings screen is simple to understand and easy to use and the same goes for the account deposit screen. Astropay Card is available in the very best and most popular online gambling sites such as 21nova Casino, 777 Casino, 888 Casino, Bet365 Casino, William Hill Casino, Royal Vegas Casino and countless others.

Astropay Card is a terrific banking method that makes it as easy as possible for the user to transfer the required sum of money and enjoy the services of the respective website to a maximum extend.

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