Babushka Slots

Babushka is one of the newest online slot games you will find around, powered and created by the NuWorks Gaming software. As you might imagine, Babushka sounds pretty Russian, and as a matter of fact, the slot game is a Russian theme game. The graphics will surely give you some idea of the Russian culture, with some of their traditional imagery, sounds, and doll effects. The graphics are well composed with shine and details to them, making them quite fresh and modern; staying in line with the slot industry and games developed by other gaming software companies out there, and which you can see for yourself so play Babushka slots now!

Babushka Graphics and Symbols

As mentioned above, Babushka is a Russian themed slot game with several symbols representing traditional imagery/objects in Russian, amongst them the Russian nesting dolls (or also known as the Matryoshka dolls), which are actually the main imagery for the slot game.

The Wild symbol of this game is a male nesting doll, with a mustache and a green coat, called, Mr. Babushka. This symbol can replace any other symbols in the game to make a winning reel combination for you.

The Scatter symbol is then called Mrs. Babushka, and is a female nesting doll with blue overalls and a pink shirt. With this slot symbol, you will be able to activate special features of the game, for instance, when you get any combination with Mr and Mrs Babushka showing up, you will get 2 additional free games, and prizes will be doubled if 4 scattered trigger it or tripled for 5.

Those covered, the game has the following additional symbols: a nesting baby doll, a cow, a sheep, a chicken, Easter eggs, a house, bread slices, yarn, a shoe, and a snow star – all quite representative of Russia’s country side.

Babushka Payouts and Jackpots

The Babushka slot game hold 25 pay-lines total, with the highest win being $5,000 for 5 of a kind of Mr. Babushka; these of course include the normal reel combinations and not any special features, extra games, and other additional values to the win and game.

Regardless, this game provides a great feel and experience that you will be sure to enjoy to the fullest, while at the same time getting some easy wins here and there. Be sure to check out the slot game at our recommended casino, and enjoy your Babushka Russian experience!