Top Moneybookers (Skrill) Casinos for NonUS Players

The Internet has brought all sorts of monetary transactions into our homes and to our fingertips. From shopping, to ordering movie tickets, gambling, there’s very little that we cannot do or buy online. With all of these options, it’s only natural that payment servers, the so-called “web wallets” should come about.

Moneybookers is one of these servers. Essentially, it’s a middleman; you open a Moneybookers account, deposit funds to it from you your own bank or credit card, and then use Moneybookers to make secure online transactions. Moneybookers is especially popular as a deposit and withdrawal method for online casinos and poker rooms outside of the United States.

Opening an account with Moneybookers is easy; simply go to their website (, click on the “Register” button on the home page, and follow the simple instructions. If you have any questions, the “Take a Tour” button will open up a short tutorial to walk you through the process.

A Moneybookers registration required two verifications: once when you enter your initial basic information (name, password, country, account type, email), to confirm your email address, and another when you enter detailed personal and bank information, to confirm your indentity. Once you’ve gone through the process, you’ll be able to update personal information every 3 months, if needed.

When you open an account, you’ll be able to choose from 30 or so currencies, including the main “international” hard currencies: Euros, Pounds sterling, and US dollars. Other common currencies, such as Japanese Yen, Canadian and Australian dollars, and Swiss Francs, are also accepted. It’s important to remember that, while Moneybookers accepts transactions in US dollars, the service is not available in the online casino market for US residents. This is due to the Congressional Act from 2006, banning financial transactions from the US to any online gambling venue.

Outside of the US, Moneybookers is an excellent choice online monetary transactions. The service is quick and reliable, and uses strong security encryption. Moneybookers guarantees the privacy of all account holders’ personal information. In addition, fees are kept low: deposits from credit cards cost only 1.8% of the deposit amount; the fee to send money is only 1% of the transfer, up to 0.50 Euro; withdrawals directly to your bank account cost only 1.80 Euro. You can also withdraw Moneybookers funds by cheque, but the fee for that is a relatively high 3.50 Euro.

With these modest fees and good security, combined with flexibility and convenience, Moneybookers is a good choice for anyone interested in setting up a Web wallet to use with online casinos.

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