The Excellent Evil Knievel Slot Machine

The Evil Knievel slot machine is not available today, but you can play excellent online slots at one of the best online casino: Liberty Slots Casino.

Evil Knievel Slots at glance

At first glance, this slot machine does not appear to be anything particularly spectacular. After all, with five reels and twenty pay lines, the Evil Knievel slot machine appears to be quite normal and therefore unremarkable for a modern day video slot machine. However, once you get past the basic characteristics of the slot machine, you will see many strengths to this excellent piece of online programming.

Evil Knievel Slots Bonus Round

The first point that is worth mentioning in regards to this slot machine is the prolific bonus game that it comes with. Unlike many other slot machines, this bonus game is impossible to lose and therefore you will always go back to the reels with more credit than you left with. Also unlike many other slot machines, the Evil Knievel slot machine bonus game has multiple stages to it and winning in multiple stages will allow you to multiply the base prize into something very special indeed.

Evil Knievel's Scatter and Wild Symbols

Once you finish with the bonus game however, there are still many things left to love about the Evil Knievel slot machine. One thing in particular is the free spins feature which allows you to gain 15 free spins just for getting three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels of the slot machine. These free spins also result in triple the winnings if you win something during them and that is a multiplier that is above the average of double winning that many older video slot machines provide. Take all of these factors and put them together into an Evil Knievel daredevil theme and you have a piece of software that is very special indeed.