Download and Play at the best Wizard Gaming CasinoMore than one industry critic has described Wizard Gaming online casino software as a brand that is outshining some of the experiences that can be had at a live casino. It’s not just the quality and variety of the games that make it so realistic and vibrant a gaming experience; it’s the obvious time and attention that went into creating excellent graphics, impressive sounds, and an overall exciting online casino ambiance.

Wizard Gaming online casino software has gone through a number of versions since it was founded, and there have been some improvements in the past few years. The company is intent on making continual updates and enhancements in accordance with what their customers tell them. It’s a smart business strategy to listen to what your players are telling you they want, since if they are unsatisfied with what your software has to offer, they will simply go to your competitors. With a market like online casinos, where customers can defect to another casino with just a few clicks of a mouse, it’s vital that online casino software companies continue to evolve in response to customer feedback. Wizard Gaming makes it their business to do just that.

The Wizard Gaming 3.0 software package is the latest software product, which kept some of what the players liked and added some enhancements to address what they didn’t. The basic game selection remained strong, with a number of different games and options to choose from. One exciting change is that Wizard Gaming 3.0 launched the company’s first progressive slots. Now players can enjoy the traditional fun of slot machines while knowing that the more they play the game, the larger the progressive slots jackpot will grow. The Trust Fund Baby slots game suggests that winners might just get the chance to become part of the ‘jet set’ crowd with its progressive jackpot prizes. You might not win enough from playing to establish your own trust fund, but you can hit some pretty sums. The Opulence slots game also features symbols of the super rich, each one featuring different luxuries that a portion of your winnings might just be able to buy.

The latest version of Wizard Gaming online casino software made a few more changes that reflected the preferences of players. Some of the animation that played before the games started was removed in order to allow faster, less ‘cluttered’ play. Other features were updated on the slots games, like some of the symbols, the audio quality, and the action appearance of the spins. It’s expected that Wizard Gaming will continue to make interesting changes to their slot offerings over time, as they really seem to see providing high quality, fun slots as the key to their product.

Right now there is online casino that carry the latest version of Wizard Gaming’s online casino software. They carry 21 of the company’s featured slot machine games, including titles such as Happily Ever After, Monster Mayhem, Cashasaurus, or Divin’ for Pearls. The slots offered by Wizard Gaming are regularly evolving, so you and your friends should check back frequently to see what new games are available on which to take a chance.

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